January 24, 2015

A Photographer’s New Year’s Resolution


Last year’s resolution was to give more. This year is to be aware of all the riches and amazing things I have. Be more grateful and appreciative of the amazing parts of life.

My apartment is currently a brilliant shade of pinkish orange as the winter sunset comes beaming in.  I’m sitting at my desk, cat on my lap while the other cat is staring out the bedroom window. Her view is of the gorgeous and ever so famous, Statue of Liberty. Pretty, cool. No big deal, it’s just another piece that makes NYC unique. Sure it’s a focal point when friends come over to visit.  But do I ever just stare out the window, or look at it everyday, ehh not really. This has been life for a few months… but wait, did I hear myself? I have a view of an iconic piece of US history from my bedroom window! People travel from all over the globe to see this. In the 3rd grade play, my class’ song was called “Lady of Liberty” and it used to mean so much to me. Why aren’t I more excited? I think it’s so easy to forget where we have come from. We get so used to present life and forget to remember, not just the little things, but the once big things that have become part of our everyday lifestyle.

I sometimes get this way about being a wedding photographer. A life that I didn’t think I could ever have. Living outside and inside the system at the same time. I wake up when I want, I take work when I want, I choose who I work with and usually end up becoming friends with clients. I get to do something I really enjoy doing. I never roll my eyes before a shoot or wish I was somewhere other than with my clients capturing their memories. But as embarrassed as I am to admit it, sometimes it can be easy to forget how lucky I am. I can find things to complain about, find reasons to want more or be dissatisfied with this life. Makes me sick a bit, how about you? I just have to focus on how much I love photographing love stories. How incredibly grateful I am for this wonderful gift.

An exercise I will be practicing this year is to reminisce (ha!) constantly, remember where I was years ago, months ago, weeks ago. Less than 4 years ago I was moving into a basement apartment that had no kitchen. I was a waitress that was trying to find my way as a photographer. Now, I live in a lovely neighborhood in Brooklyn, the place life has begun to click for me. I’m surrounded by great food, have a healthy and active lifestyle and am inspired daily just by walking out the door. There’s interesting architecture, adorable families, artists and creativity everywhere.  So rather than putting so much pressure on what I accomplish in 2014, I’m going to focus on all the wonders that have come to me in years past and be even more excited and graceful when new things come along, whether its from hard work, determination or just dumb luck.

Wishing you all peace, grace and love for 2014



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