November 29, 2017

Becca + Nick’s Salt Water Vineyard Wedding | Mystic CT Wedding Photography


Get ready for this one! This gorgeous couple had a wedding day with all the feels.

Supported by her cousin and best friend since college, Becca was surrounded by love all throughout the day.


It was the Friday after Hurricane Jose had hit Florida and New England got some serious winds! Just as Becca started to walk outside and down the aisle, it started to sprinkle. Their ceremony musicians had to pack up to save their instruments. This didn’t cause any worry for Becca and Nick. Their eyes were set on each other and nothing would take away this special moment. One of their guests played music on their cellphone while Becca started working and it was such a beautiful moment to feel the support this couple has.

When choosing who comes to your wedding or who is around you for the day, choose people that are going to support you, be helpful and add to the fun. This crew was all of those things and more. They were easy going, focused on the couple and soooo much fun!

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