So you’re engaged… and have begun to plan a wedding. You’ve never done this before, you don’t know all there is to know, you aren’t sure where to look… Google sounds like a place to start…BOOM!!! hundreds and hundreds of companies pop up.  You feel your eyes dry and heart start to race from the billions of pretty pictures, the barrage of review sites, the endless sites that say INVESTMENT without offering an idea of what the investment will be.

OK, shut it down for a sec, grab a glass of wine, and we’ll walk with you through this.

    SIDE TANGENT: If lists are starting to making you sick… just put all your research time into an amazing wedding planner. They will help do all the research for you and boil it down to a few stellar choices.

01.  First things first, what do you like? What do you want? Prioritize!

Your photography style is a great place to start, knowing what you actually like. A few styles include documentary/photojournalist, fine art portraiture/classic , Editorial/lifestyle. Then start to think about what you’ll want to receive after your wedding : digital photos, albums, a highlight video, full wedding film, engagement session, ect – Don’t worry if you don’t know this, a great company will help walk you through the options. Start thinking about your budget – for more help with making a wedding photo and video budget click here! or read this past bride’s biggest wedding regret – PRIORITIZE: If photography ranks high on your list of priorities, try picking your photographer sooner rather than later so you’ll have the most flexibility in your budget. Likewise, if photography ranks high, your allocated budget should be similar to that.

02. Ask your friends, family, coworker’s dog sitter’s roommate’s neighbor if they hired a photographer, if they liked them and if they recommend them

90% of our clientele is from previous couples and vendors that we worked with. Yup… ninety percent!  It’s because when going through all the photo and video companies, having someone with a personal experience, where you can look at their end result and hear their thoughts is something you can hang your hat on. Maybe you’ll learn what not to do or keep advice they can pass along that they learned from their day. But having a strong recommendation from a friend is a valuable nugget of help when planning your day.

Ok – 2 steps in and hopefully you’ll feeling a bit more grounded. How’s that wine working for you?